Psykopaint 1.3.8

Create amazing paintings with little skills

Create amazing paintings with little skills

Create unique pieces very easily using a photo with very little skills.

It's real simple and fun!

You can also paint with totally unique brushes that only crazy people like us provide:

- Paint brush: emulation of traditional painting styles of impressionist artists like Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne etc...

- Spraycan: spray all sorts of effects. Spray mozaics, 8 bit style, hearts, paint splashes etc...

- Cannon: Use physics properties like gravity, velocity and air friction to throw objects around. Totally unique way to paint!

- Pointillist: Very rapidly create pointillist style paintings

- Knife: Create this unique cut up style like infamous Steve Jobs collage.

- 72 built-in presets (variations for a brush): like Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir etc...

- Apply some FXs: Saturate,Black & White, Brightness, Hue, Old Style...

- Colorize your photos.

- Paint with or without photo.

- Layers: with blend modes.

Psykopaint, the most popular painting app on the chrome web store, is a painting application with a twist that allows you to paint while the colors are selected automatically based on a photo.

Unlike other software based on filters, it is your own personality expressed in a painting.

Until now the app was accessible exclusively online

And now as a fully packaged app for Mac.

Digital artists, designers, teachers, artists, amateurs, semi-pro, art therapists, casual users.



Psykopaint 1.3.8